Thursday, August 21, 2008


as magical as the desolation of mtl-west [rat city] was once, i have moved to the end of the mile, the first street of montreal, home to the most inbetween of inbetween places

i luv the [v]alley OH! i AM the orphan to the [v]alley
nestled against mont royal that's why it's called the plateau, i suppose
cos that's what it is

without furthur a dew,,,,,,,,,ilhu does mile end in commemoration to the man shared it with the past 2 months, and who has left to love the land of ice

our alley - across from this flag [tho it's gone already] is the carpet receiving area * ahem *

xray gingham dress i

i always get a kick out of the tree chained to the building NOW DON'T YOU GO RUNNING OFF i guess being deeply rooted in asphalt is not enough. [this one is also gone]

print and sample and chain

urbain i

shitty image but the train had just shuddered it's long slow rumble - this is on van horne with the other sculptures - the poisson is on the other end of the gate.

tracks i

st l i

'hello jamie hello caralee'
i pass this everyday on my shortcut route to ornette's

salon iii

posted like a poster on a post i

lot i

feeling heavy in my feet, lumbering across the street. but good. i woke up the earliest i have by myself all summer. i was happy to be feeling happy again. at unease, it is all very fleeting. whatever i put up is so easily taken down - i just want them to have good homes. this is the first batch that was made entirely by hand [the other 2 were machine assembled]
i've been living in this city for 5 years as of this week [already!] and i still don't know many parts of this city. many gems to lose myself in, and wanting to share it.
time for a replacement.

welcome to your new home, ilbm, i'll be staying here for the next little while.

it's true in your razorblade shoes

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