Saturday, May 2, 2009

we have not forgotten

we are just changing, everything

Friday, September 26, 2008

infect affect :: INTERNATIONAL

today a very special thing happened in the ilhu world

there is a homemade flag flapping in the wind or otherwise in iceland [which i will visit soonly]
[for those of you who do not know, i am a morin heights / montreal based artist]
thanks to the ever lovely RETEMA, my love for you and yours has infected new soil, in a foreign land in a language i do not speak - my homemade love is there

i would really like it if i could send more to him to leave for others
or maybe just the sea

it is upside down

i am strangely torn between deep love and heart stopping infatuation

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Friday, August 29, 2008

she goes downtown

i am not a party girl
but i go downtown on friday
and i might get into trouble, exposing myself in confusing ways

walking the median, the cops don't dare stop in the middle of dorchester, everyone stares but not for long, about 30 seconds on a full red light and i wave because they can't get me in my space in between

art kids are baad kids? art kids are bard kids?
we are baad bard kids. just kids. or typo kids. typical kids.
we are

i used to eat lunch here a lot [when the weather was nice last fall]


there's a portfolio in there too

Thursday, August 21, 2008


as magical as the desolation of mtl-west [rat city] was once, i have moved to the end of the mile, the first street of montreal, home to the most inbetween of inbetween places

i luv the [v]alley OH! i AM the orphan to the [v]alley
nestled against mont royal that's why it's called the plateau, i suppose
cos that's what it is

without furthur a dew,,,,,,,,,ilhu does mile end in commemoration to the man shared it with the past 2 months, and who has left to love the land of ice

our alley - across from this flag [tho it's gone already] is the carpet receiving area * ahem *

xray gingham dress i

i always get a kick out of the tree chained to the building NOW DON'T YOU GO RUNNING OFF i guess being deeply rooted in asphalt is not enough. [this one is also gone]

print and sample and chain

urbain i

shitty image but the train had just shuddered it's long slow rumble - this is on van horne with the other sculptures - the poisson is on the other end of the gate.

tracks i

st l i

'hello jamie hello caralee'
i pass this everyday on my shortcut route to ornette's

salon iii

posted like a poster on a post i

lot i

feeling heavy in my feet, lumbering across the street. but good. i woke up the earliest i have by myself all summer. i was happy to be feeling happy again. at unease, it is all very fleeting. whatever i put up is so easily taken down - i just want them to have good homes. this is the first batch that was made entirely by hand [the other 2 were machine assembled]
i've been living in this city for 5 years as of this week [already!] and i still don't know many parts of this city. many gems to lose myself in, and wanting to share it.
time for a replacement.

welcome to your new home, ilbm, i'll be staying here for the next little while.

it's true in your razorblade shoes

Saturday, June 7, 2008

pissing in the eye

resistance part ??
juvenile behaviour
pissing in the eye of the world
being a big nothing jerk. being really obnoxiuos [sp] with space. municipality, nature's leaves, drel + nyx + ilhu fighting for the fence
my marks are far more passive and transient than paint. one could very easily just rip them off and that is that. minor annoyance, nothing too harmful [other than a waste of flags]


ok so i couldn't help myself
there was a full fledged meadow by the underpass
flowers, tall grass


find them homes
even if you do hate them


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

ilhu test

testing testing meow meow meow

have you seen us?

13 --- pullman

looking for your reactions. all of them. please. this is only the beginning.